Adult Language Lessons

Shining Shapes provides adult lessons to students who would like to improve their English and Japanese skills. Adults are able to build their own lesson plan through our trustworthy instructors. 

If your searching for a friendly conversational lesson, certain textbooks to work through, certain career fields then we will do our best to find the right instructor for you to master English or Japanese. 

We will be happy to be of any service to your need for learning new things. 

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English Lesson

Adult English lessons are a way to seek out your interest in learning more about English from various countries. 

You are able to set up your own style of lessons, day & time and even if you prefer a certain teacher that can be arrange. 

The adult English lessons can also be customised to a group lesson with your friends and just let Shining Shapes know what your after and we will try our best to support your needs.  

Need English lessons but would like to continue your hobbies, well we will do our best to find the right English instructor for you!!~ 

Japanese Lesson

Adult Japanese lessons are for students have been always interested in the language but have never found the right lessons to take. Our Japanese lesson are structured for your own learning style and you yourself are able to instruct the teachers in how you would like to be taught. 

Learning through textbooks is not for everyone and so Shining Shapes has created this lesson for students to have a fun conversational lesson, play sports together in Japanese and enjoy your hobbies while learning Japanese. It's really up to you!!~ 

Let us know what your looking for and Shining Shapes will do our best to find the solution!!~

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