About Shining Shapes

Our Story

Shining Shapes would like to create a company where students, guardians and teachers are able to be heard, grow and learn in a fulfilling environment. To be accepted to teach by their own experience and ability, to be heard though they are a child and to be understood by both parties on the development of their child. 

Shining Shapes aim is to be the bridge to each student that would like to learn another language, to be cement for teachers to ground their own unique teaching method and to be a trustworthy friend for guardians to be heard and listen to ones advice on their child. 

Experiencing a variety of educational schools in Japan that include: Private, public, nursery, elementary, babysitting, Eikaiwa, after school and  language schools. We would love to know more about our students and to continue this learning growth together but with some awesome fun along the way. 

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